Term Times are 10-12 weeks at the discretion of The Bite Me Corner team.


 Sessions will run consecutive weeks during term time and may span the holidays.


Details of The Bite Me Corner term time can be found on the website so check that out! 


The Bite Me Corner reserves the right to change teaching staff at anytime.



The full cost of the term must be paid in full before the start of term.


A child’s place can be secured with a deposit, followed by the balance

being cleared within 4 weeks of the start of term.


All term booking fees – however paid – are non refundable and non-transferable,

as the space has been reserved for that child (for the full term).


The full payment is payable regardless of sessions missed, or if your circumstances change.


Missed sessions may not – under any circumstance – be added onto the end of term.



In that event we consider:


1.That you are in breach of any of these Terms and Conditions,

or any regulations issued from time to time by us.


2. The behaviour of your child is disruptive, or likely to put others’ children,

and The Bite Me Corner team in danger.


3. Your behaviour towards us, other customers, children in their care or our supplier,

agents, managers, subcontractors or employees is disruptive, inappropriate,

consistently negligent (including late collection of your child)


or likely to bring us, or any of The Bite Me Corner products into disrepute.

We reserve the right to exclude your child from any Bite Me Corner activity or part thereof.


In the event that your child is excluded, no fees or deposits will be repaid to you,

and we reserve the right to seek payment of the balance of any fees to us.



We reserve the right to cancel any class or service,

at anytime up to and including the date that -the activity starts.


Should this occur, we will endeavour to give you

at least a days notice, and will attempt to offer you a credit

on your account for the value of the classes’ pro-rata.


We do not offer a refund if classes are cancelled for reasons beyond our control.


These include, but are not limited to adverse weather conditions, fire and school




We accept children on the assumption that they are in good health.


It is your responsibility to alert us to any medical complaint, allergies or history suffered by your child.


We do not accept liability for the death, or personal injury

of any child attending the Bite Me Corner or any activity relating to The Bite Me Corner,

whether organised by The Bite Me Corner (Indulge me Ltd) or otherwise.


Save to the extent that such death or injury shall be caused by the negligence or

default of any member of our staff, or any other member of staff,

or any other default on our part.



From time to time photographs, film and video recordings may be made

during The Bite Me Corner’s activities for publicity, promotional or broadcast purposes.


Please inform us on the signed order (application) form

if you do not wish you child to appear, or to be identified in any such material.



The Bite Me Corner (Indulge Me LTD) reserve the right to modify,

cancel or amend these Terms and Conditions.


We shall provide you with notification if there has been a change.


The current Terms and Conditions always appear on our website.


On re-enrollment at The Bite Me Corner, the most recent terms and conditions shall apply.

These Terms and conditions – and any documents referred to herein – constitute

the entire agreement between you and us in connection with your booking,

purchase, or use of your products and services superseding any prior

agreement between you and us.