During 20 years of home educating my children, I discovered the freedom to explore new and innovative ideas. Whilst doing so I saw a myriad of benefits: increased engagement, hand to hand co-ordination, productivity, and huge smiles on their faces. In short, the satisfaction created through completing their own dishes and understanding their ingredients. The benefits: All these skills are transferable! My children developed increased confidence and self-reliance in their own achievements. This then translated in their school, university and work. Happy children, Happy teachers!

Whilst supporting my own children and others gave me the idea to develop a cookery class like no other. At first it started with young children, helping them to explore different fruit and vegetables mixing herbs and spices and pushing them to create recipes that were simple to challenging and watching them go from strength to strength. When my children went off to university I came across young adults that didn’t have the time to create meals and from there I developed a programme to help them make quick nutritious meals on a budget.

Now we offer private tutoring and corporate days to bring the love back in to kitchens of busy lifestyles. From Doctors to Architects to Teachers to Women Conferences, The BMC has catered for all.

We want to share our love of food with you, generating a healthy, happy lifestyle. Join our mini movement of love and let us spread our joy with you.

Lauri x