College and University  Cooking & Nutrition Well-being Support Workshops

We are all aware how some students during the academic years of university may find life as a student fun but at times challenging, the independence of being a young adult comes with plenty of responsibilities in addition to completing your chosen degree. Often the need to eat well is not a high priority, especially when assignments are due! Poor nutrition can lead to stress ,tiredness and a reduction in students capacity to work at his or her optimum level!

Our Workshop enables university students to get the hands-on support on planing nutritionally balanced meals from :breakfasts, lunches to preparing quick and easy dinners!

As university`s we can support you in your duty of care . Eating well is essential at this crucial time of their lives with additional hands on support from The BMC we can help give your students a first-hand healthy-eating cooking & nutrition  Wellbeing support necessary during their time at university together we`ll  redesign lifestyle behaviour at university!

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