It’s Our First Blog Ever

We’re so EXCITED – It’s our first Blog!


Why, welcome to The Bite Me Corner (TheBMC) Blogs! We are excited to share with you the world of TheBMC!

The BMC provides confidence building cookery and nutrition programmes,workshops,well-being programmes to schools and universities.

Who are we? OK quickly just in case you have already read the About Us page, we are two mums who have raised nine children between us and hey, that wonderful experience gave birth to the concept of doing what we have done with our own children for twenty plus years The Bite Me Corner!

Through our fun exciting pragmatic approach to creating gorgeous food and learning about nutritional benefit of the dishes, our students grow in confidence handling their ingredients! Oh, you should see it!!! The combinations would make Heston  Blumenthal proud!

Dee and I are beyond passionate about food and we have a qualified nutritionist so yes, hours are spent creating dishes and looking into their nutritional value! Dee, we should really get a television! One with no cookery programmes too!

We don`t believe inputting a lot of concerns out there regarding food. Our focus is to instil a confident can do attitude to being able to create good nourishing meals from what we call the first laboratory, “The kitchen”. The BMC just want you to be comfortable with your ingredients to get cooking!

At home our children create awesome dishes honey, rosemary and black pepper chicken wings with potato-cheese salad! At school and university they were prepared, able to budget prepare food in advance. They knew how to cook in bulk and make these dishes quick and easy. All this experience will now be poured onto your children through our programmes!

You see, for us, when our students feel confident, filled with belief and understanding that there is no wrong way, just great experiences, then we just kinda-step back and watch them grow! Yes I`m getting soppy! Dee I think I need a tissue!

Our Saturday sessions allows our parents to drop off their children, and pick them up free of worry with a deliciously prepared dish. Our After school programmes introduce our students to the world of The BMC, creating quick easy snacks your child would be able to do at home without your assistance! What ? Yes, we even get them to wash-up! Our Workshops vary from preparing Sixth-former’s transition to university to supporting  university students to have a well balance nutritional diet, mmmmmmh We are talking a complete meal with vegetables and not just pasta and tomato sauce! Yeah we hear you!

Contact us on and lets get talking!!

See you soon!


2 Replies to “It’s Our First Blog Ever”

  1. Brilliant idea for children and adults. Looking forward to following blogs. Just a question…any tips on quick nutritional tips for students at University who are reluctant to cook?

    1. Great to hear from you Sonia! We have lots of tips! We`ll be putting some of them up on our blogs very soon! We have great Workshops for university students were they get hands-on experience! Look out for those blogs!
      Have a great day.
      The BMC Team

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