At ‘The Bite Me Corner (The BMC) we believe that cooking is more than meeting your quota of ‘3 meals a day.’

We want you to engage your senses…so smelling, touching and tasting become one!

This important lifelong skill once developed is the gateway to a confident, healthy, stress free, productive and creative you – and we’re just getting started!

During 20 years of home educating my children, we discovered the freedom to explore new and innovative ideas. Whilst doing so we saw a myriad of benefits: increased engagement (not via the television ), hand to hand co-ordination (not game induced), productivity (mum can we do more?), and huge smiles on their faces ( ahhh!!). In short, the satisfaction created through completing their own dishes and understanding their ingredients. And the benefits………..all these skills are transferable! My children developed increased confidence and self-reliance in their own achievements. This then translated in their school, university and work. Happy children, Happy teachers!

Whilst supporting my own children and others I decided to develop my approach through  building confidence through the medium of cooking and nutrition. I often called my children peaches or numerous fruit-nick-names and after sitting at my eldest daughter`s home in 2016 we were talking about the names I used to and still call them, we drew little sketches of them and there the name was born The Bite Me Corner  with the fruits of all my children standing on top!  My experience of 20 years I now bring to you!

As an education institution or organisation, you know how important this is to look after the well-being of your students and staff. The relationship between food and healthier lifestyles is so important…imperative even.

Success starts in the mind (creating) and develops onto the kitchen where we  bring that creation into being through cooking!

The BMC Workshops are used in schools, universities and ‘wellbeing programmes’ within the workplace. With the latter, work as we know, often takes priority over what we eat. We grab things to eat at our desk!

Healthy and well-fed individuals produce better results and that’s a fact!

So having us as part of your support team allows you to give your students and staff the wellbeing which will contribute to making them happier, healthier and more industrious.

In association with our professional nutritionist our wellbeing programmes can be beneficial in relieving the ‘day to day’ pressures that can develop in the work place. An investment in your staff’s wellbeing can raise energy levels and translate in an increase in their overall productivity. Our tailor-made programmes can support your company to accomplish this.

So, what’s the next step for you?  Let us support you in being resolute in improving not just your health and wellbeing but of those around you!

It just gets better from here!

Lauri x